Anyone else more interested in the War against the Others over the War for the Iron Throne?

I sometimes feel like I am the only one who loves this aspect of the story more than who sits on the Iron Throne.

  1. cherryboykakyoin answered: I do too, although I’m more interested in the War for the North than either.
  2. ahhhrealzombies answered: At this point, I’m starting to think everyone who could fight off the Others will be dead, so it doesn’t matter. »
  3. punchedovaries answered: I’m more concerned and fascinated over The Others. In the end it doesn’t matter who wins the thrown if the others break through the defenses.
  4. housecousland answered: YES, totally. I used to care about who got the throne in the endgame, but now I think it doesn’t matter if there’s no kingdom left to rule.
  5. mixingtheblues answered: I feel like I should because it’s going to bite everyone in the ass, but I’m interested in the war over the North right now.
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