The world was on fire and no one could save me but you.

Anonymous asked: It's going to be one of those weekends! If you had joked that Rose's ponytail holder was Kit's, some people would probably get excited and declare it as proof of a relationship and others would want to start an argument over it. XD

Pretty much, people also care way more about Kit/Rose than either of their careers. Like I’m still hyped over the Honeymoon trailer, and I’ve seen the film!!!

Anonymous asked: Totally not his pants! But I know why people get mad and believe what you say! Because every little thing that pops up even a joke is something to talk about when it comes to the two of them now that they are engaged and going public! It will end, all this roumor around, it is something new, then I hope they will leave them alone!

People can’t just have fun, everyone is too serious, lighten up, it’s actors hanging out. Just enjoy the pics and don’t think too hard.

Anonymous asked: She's horribly dressed and that bag is awefull! No taste at all, but its not a surprise.

I know, so horrible. How dare she enjoy wearing sneakers and jeans, so gross.

I do love how Rose’s look is screw fashion this is going to be a long fucking flight.

Anonymous asked: I guess you were, because they're dating!Sorry! :p

It was my commentary on his love of tight fitted pants that people like Rose can walk around in them.

Anonymous asked: Anyone know the source for the "selfie" photo?

I do not know, I only reblogged it, I didn’t publish it.

Can’t believe people think I was being serious with the pants comment. Guys, really? Come on. :p

Anonymous asked: When Kit used those pants? Do you have a photo??

It was a joke….

Anonymous asked: Do you mean this pants? I guess you're mistaken, it isn't the same! /38(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/0ea24cb659eb6eb6034dc182781560c8/tumblr_n764fyiMXR1sai68lo1_500(.)jpg


Anonymous asked: I love Rose but she seems a little weird dressed with those clothes (specially the pants)

That’s because the pants belong to Kit.


@jcsb37: The paparazzi never sleeps. John Snow and Ygritte at Heathrow. Looked them both in the face #GoT


@jcsb37: The paparazzi never sleeps. John Snow and Ygritte at Heathrow. Looked them both in the face #GoT

Anonymous asked: It's funny how now everyone says: Kit and Rose are "distant cousins", that's awkward and sick... While they clearly don't give a shit about that nonsense. If you know what I mean....(¬‿¬)

Omg!! I know, I was just on Rose’s wiki yesterday and it was like her “on screen lover” is also a distant cousin. As if people are suppose to be grossed out that both of them,and probably half of England, are descendants of Charles II.

Yeah Kit did not even know or care that he was related to Charles until he went on Wikipedia. I also assumed that was what Kit meant when he said Rose and him ” had a similar background”